Ingredients in Breast Enhancement Pills

These breast enlargement pills work by stimulating and encouraging the growth of healthy breast tissue while at the same time firming and tightening the general breast area. This unique formula contains thirteen various herbs that can help the healthy breast tissue expand, grow and develope. These breast enlargement pills are a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery which can be expensive and dangerous.

A woman’s body naturally produces estrogens during puberty. This helps in the process of developing new tissue. The hormones that are produced determine the relative size, shape and fullness of a woman’s breasts. If lower levels of these hormones are produced, the result will be smaller and less developed breasts. These breast enlargement pills contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are non-hormonal plant estrogens which naturally occurr and stimulate your body telling it to make new breast tissue. The Breast Success formula, using these principles, safely stimulates the growth of healthy breast tissues. The end result is bigger, firmer and fuller breasts.

These breast enlargement pills will help your body to regulate the production of hormones in relation to the breast tissues. So, taking Breast Success can even help to keep your breasts healthy. These breast enlargement pills can help to encourage a balance of your hormones while at the same time stimulating breast growth. In this way you can look and feel better as your body is more balanced and as you develope larger breasts.

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Breast Enhancement Pill Ingredients

Below is a list of some of the ingredients of the breast enlargement pills and how they can help in the enhancement of your breasts and boost overall female health. Breast Success does not contain any synthetic compounds, additives, lubricants or fillers. The ingredients of these breast enlargement pills in order of quantity are:

Fenugreek Seed Extract: This is a completely unique herb which is very rich in phyto-estrogens (See information about phyto-estrogens above). This herb helps in the production of hormones and makes it possible for the mammary glands to develope.

Saw Palmetto Berry: These berries come from a small palm tree that has large leaves and deep reddish-black berries. The secret ingredient of these berries is an oil that has a variety of physosterols. Studies have shown that the Saw Palmetto herb can successfully reverse atrophy of the mammary gland.

Fennel Seed: Fennel has long been known for its abundance of flavonoids. These compounds exert mild estrogenic effects and are completely harmless and non-toxic.

L-Tyrosine: This is a naturally occurring amino acid. Tyrosine helps with the functioning of your glands. Specifically, it plays a key role in the functioning of the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands. These glands are known to control hormone production. Some studies also state that this amino acid might stimulate the production of a growth hormone which can increase muscle mass while at the same time reducing overall body fat.

Mexican Wild Yam Root: Mexican Wild Yam is a excellent source of Beta-Carotene and diosgenin and is widely used as an all natural treatment for osteoporosis. Beta-Carotene and diosgenin are powerful Phytochemicals which can also assist in the developement of bigger breasts.

Pacific Kelp: Kelp is a great universal source for minerals that come from the ocean. One of these minerals is iodine. Iodine is needed for optimal functioning of the thyroid.

Damiana Leaf: The Damiana plant is a little shrub which contains large amounts of phytochemicals. Some of the phytochemicals that it contains include alpha-pinene, beta-carotene, beta-pinene and beta-sisterol. This herb is mostly used for helping with female hormonal imbalances.

Dong Quai Root: This Asian root has been implemented f or centuries in order to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and cramps. It has been shown that it can help the body to efficiently use hormones.

Mother’s Wort Herb: Mother’s Wort contains Leonurine which is a uterine stimulant.

Black Cohosh Root Extract: Studies suggest that Black Cohosh acts in a similar fashion as the drugs that are used in hormone replacement therapy.

Oat Grass: (Avena Sativa) This herb contains a bounty of saponins, flavonoids, minerals, and alkaloids that are needed for a healthy hormonal system.

Blessed Thistle Herb: This herb has been used around the world for many years. It has been used as a hormonal balancing agent for women.

Hops Flower: Rich in flavonoids, this herb acts by regulating hormonal production and makes possible the development in the mammary glands.

How to choose right breast enhancement pills for you

Since many of the breast enhancement creams and pills that are currently available on the market come with an impressive money back guarantee, most women assume that they have nothing to lose, and a bigger cup size to gain.

The problem that many women currently find themselves facing is that there are a lot of different kinds of breast enhancement products currently available on the market. When you read the packaging each product sounds better than the last, this makes it very hard for women to decide which methods they should try, and which ones they should leave on the shelf.

The Guarantee

There is no point in getting a product if the manufacture does not believe in it. Before making a final selection you should look and make sure that the creator of the product will return your money if the product does not give you a more impressive bust line. You need to remember that it is going to take time for you to see any noticeable change in the size of your breasts. The manufacture should give you the time you need. The good products will give you up to 65 days to decide if the product works.

Ease of Use

There is no point in using a breast enhancement product if you have to completely change your life just so you can use it. You want to look for a cream, pil or a combination of both that you can apply or take quickly and which only needs to be used once or twice a day to achieve maximum results.

Is it Natural?

When you have found a couple of products that you like, you should take a few minutes to compare the various ingredients. You want to make sure that you are about to use a product that is one hundred percent natural, and which promises that there will not be any ill side effects. The only thing the product should do is help your breasts increase in size.


In a perfect world, you would not have to worry about the price of the breast enlargement product that you are about to use, sadly, we do not live in a perfect world and the cost does have to be considered. In addition to the actual sticker price, you will want to compare the amount of cream/pills that is included in the bottle as well as how much of the treatment needs to be used every single day.

Do Some Reading

Before making your final purchase, you need to sit down at your computer and do some background research on the breast enhancement pills that you are considering. You want to make sure that the creams have been tested and are safe to use. You should also plan on spending some time reading reviews about the product. Not only will the reviews help you determine if the solution you are considering using is effective, it will also give you a rough idea on how long it will take before you start to notice some results.

Many women decide that the breast enhancement product that best fits the requirements that they are looking for is Breast Actives which has impressed both the medical and scientific communities.



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Are Breast Enhancement Pills Safe?

Many women are asking the question, “Are breast enhancement pills safe?” All things considered, you don’t need to put anything into your system that may possibly end up being hazardous. So are these types of health supplements safe? Or should you simply save up for surgery?When compared to the surgical procedure, breast enhancement pills will be a much safer way to get the cup size you want. Your breast also appear much more natural, cost much less, and have fewer side effects. You do not have to stress about implants shifting or bursting. There may be a few side-effects in the beginning, however they disappear after a few weeks.

Let’s take a look at the substances in breast enhancement pills. Many have a combination of nutritional vitamins, minerals and what are known as phyto estrogens. These are plant-based kinds of estrogen present in foods such as soy and fenugreek. All of these ingredients are approved by the FDA. They do not cause significant side effects in anyone.

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They may interact with other hormone medications you are taking. For example, they may attract with your birth control. Thyroid medication may also be a problem.

When you first start taking the pills, you do experience a few side effects. Your breasts will be tender and sore for about the first two weeks. You may also experience moodiness and light cramping, much like you but before your menstrual cycle begins. After a few weeks, all the side effects should stop. Most women will increase a cup size or two in about a month.

So are breast enhancement pills safe? Definitely. They’re one of the safest ways to get the size you want. The most effective breast enhancement pills you can get today are Breast Actives, which has aided an incredible number of women increase their breast size by 1 to 3 cups!


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There is a lot of talk about using breast enhancement pills. Will they work or are they a scam? With todays natural herbal ingredients, most pills for breast enhancement are totally safe. The improved engineering, has enabled these products to work for the majority of women! This is a miracle for some women, who have been wanting to increase their breast size for some time. Without the costly expense of implant surgery.

These natural supplements contain natural plant-derived herbs which are very safe for most women. Needless to say, check with your physician prior to using any new product, especially if you are taking any prescription medicines. You don’t want to have an allergic reaction between your prescription meds and the pills for breast growth.

Some of the components found in pills that enlarge breasts are fenugreek seed, wild yam and dong quai. Vitamin e is also a very popular component of some supplements. These herbs act in your body to produce phytoestrogens, which is similar to estrogen. Targeting your breast tissue and mammary glands, these products cause safe breast growth and improve firmness.

For extraordinary results, use a breast enhancement cream with your pills. Breast creams deliver bust enlarging ingredients through the skin to help firm the breasts. These creams penetrate into the deep tissues and ligaments of the breast. Using a regimen of oral and topical breast enhancement products will produce the greatest results.

If you are one of the millions of women who have longed for fuller, firmer breasts so that you can feel more comfortable in your clothes or swimsuit, there is help available. Using pills for breast enlargement will work for you, if you follow instructions and use the best products!

The most effective pills for breast enhancement accessible these days are Breast Actives and Miracle Bust which has aided an incredible number of women increase their breast size by 1 to 3 cups! It’s also backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

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